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Hailing from Western Australia, Moondah Brook stands as a modern brand that utilises premium varietal grapes to craft wines reflecting a youthful, fresh, and flavorsome essence, seamlessly complementing the contemporary Mediterranean lifestyle.

These unpretentious, fruit-driven wines are ideal for shared moments with friends. Marked by premium quality and contemporary labeling, the brand is easily recognisable, featuring a distinctive brook intricately colour-matched with each wine variety.


Home Vineyard

Nestled in the foothills of Western Australia's Darling Ranges, specifically in Gingin, 88km North of Perth, lies the Gingin Vineyard—the cherished home of Moondah Brook. This 92-hectare vineyard, founded in 1968 by the legendary Houghton Winemaker, Jack Mann, is steeped in history and viticultural expertise.

Benefiting from a warm climate, fertile soils, and the cool influence of maritime breezes, the Gingin Vineyard consistently yields wines with generous flavors. The strategic combination of afternoon ocean breezes and evening gully winds during harvest ensures that the grapes ripen optimally, showcasing exceptional varietal character in each bottle.



Moondah Brook Verdelho stands as a pioneering wine style, now representing the brand's signature with a focus solely on this exceptional varietal. Rooted in the rich history of the Swan District, Verdelho has been celebrated for producing vibrant wines with abundant flavours and a remarkable aging potential.

The 2021 Moondah Brook Verdelho continues this legacy, offering a fresh and flavoursome experience characterised by tropical fruit notes. Its juiciness is enhanced by a subtle mandarin/lemon pithy textural element, adding complexity to the palate. This versatile wine pairs seamlessly with lightly spiced Asian dishes and, owing to its richness and textural depth, complements more robust selections like tapas dishes, such as prawn and chorizo.